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Words to Remember- BEING FLEXIBLE

Parents– read the passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. It also applies to adults and older children as well, especially in time for spring fever!


Just like most sports, martial arts requires flexibility. You can increase your flexibility by stretching your ligaments with exercise and use. Believe it or not, the martial artists you see in movies and tournaments didn’t start out doing high kicks and splits; they worked hard to get where they are today and you can do it, too, by listening to your instructors and doing what he or she says. 

Martial arts doesn’t just stretch your ligaments– it also stretches your mind. Can you and a friend have different answers to a question and both be right? What if someone asks you both four your favorite color and yours is blue, while your friend’s is red? Are either of you wrong? Of course not because that’s what each of you like! You’re being flexible by letting your friend like red, while you prefer blue. Perhaps you and a sibling want to watch a different movie on family movie night. Can you think of a compromise so that you can both be happy? Maybe you can agree on a different movie. Remember this the next time you are in a disagreement over something that can have more than one right answer. Being flexible takes practice, just like karate, so get started today!