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Word to Remember- FOCUS

Parents– read the passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. It also applies to adults and older children as well, especially in time for spring fever!

FOCUS – noun, verb – concentrating on what you are doing now.

“Eyes front!” Has your instructor or teacher ever said that to you? Why? To get you to focus your attention on what he or she was trying to teach you? One of the most important skills a martial artist needs is the ability to focus. Focus focusnot only helps you become a better martial artist, but also helps you become better at most things you try. If you are trying to find your shoes, would you look under the bed, then your sofa, then in the bathtub, and then in your closet? No. You would pick the room they might be in and look everywhere in that room before going to the next room. When you do that, you are focusing on your attention. If you looked up “focus” in the dictionary, where would you start? Yes, in the Fs.

Focus also saves you time. When you focus on what you are doing and blocking out everything else that might distract you, you are able to finish the task faster. The next time your instructor sets the timer, focus on what he or she wants you to do. Focus hard and do it. See if you do better than if you hadn’t focused!