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Setting Goals 101

There are many aspects to setting a proper goal. This is a popular time of the year for people to set goals for themselves…things they want to accomplish in 2015. Unfortunately, 80% of people will have already failed their goals by Valentine’s Day.

Here is a way to get a great start. It is a 3 step process.

Step 1: Figure out your goal!!! If you are not familiar with SMART goals then that is a great place to start. Make sure that your goal is specific, something that you can measure if you succeed or not, a goal that is attainable, realistic (yet challenging) and lastly a goal that is time specific. You need to set a deadline for your goal; otherwise it is just a dream.

Step 2: Who are your supporters? Rarely will you find a goal that can be achieved just by yourself. And even those goals that you can achieve by yourself are often easier to achieve with a support team. Look for people who see your potential. Stay away from people who are anchor, people that will pull you down when you need a lift up. Who are people that have achieved your goal in the past? Find those people and ask them for help/guidance.

Step 3: This can take the most time but is THE MOST IMPORTANT step to take. This is one that people will often skip. What are the potential obstacles that stand in your way? Be realistic when coming up with these challenges and don’t leave any out. Once you lay out the obstacles figure out how to fix them BEFORE they happen. I often like to use if/then statements. If xxx happens then I will do yyy.

Imagine you are driving to work. You have an idea of the roads you want to take. You probably take the same roads every day. However today a section of the road is closed because they are fixing it. If you are from PA then you know that road will be closed for weeks! You don’t just sit there and skip work…at least hopefully not. You figure out another road to take that will lead you to your goal. If you do not know where you are you can call someone, or simply punch it up on your GPS. When you get stuck with a goal, figure out a different path to get there. If you do not know how, ask someone who does!

Take a couple minutes and work these 3 steps. You will transform into a goal achiever instead of just a goal setter.