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Homeschooling and Karate

Are you homeschooling and looking for a PE program? Always wanted to learn self-defense but have limited time?  No problem!

Complement your child’s homeschooling with the benefits of Martial Arts training. Physical fitness, Balance & Coordination, Confidence, Honor, Improved listening skills, Discipline and Self-Esteem are just some of the benefits that come with your Action Karate training.

Students build social skills and make new friendships in this safe and fun learning environment along with meeting physical fitness requirements. At Action Karate, we have ongoing activities for students to participate in and make new friends. Students can join us for Movie Nights, Tournaments, Workshops, Demos, and much more! With our flexible schedule and the largest variety of classes and class times available, we make it easy to fit the needs of any family.

Let your child grow with Action Karate and we will make sure they excel!

Call us today at (610) 746-3600 or email us at for more information!