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Action Karate’s Word to Remember for Kids

Parents– read the following passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. 

Attitude – noun– how we act and behave toward others.

There are two types of attitude: good and bad. Having a good attitude means being polite and supportive to other people. We show good attitude when we congratulate our competitors on the mat. We show bad attitude when we get mad after losing a match. When we have good attitudes in class, we learn how to have good attitude everywhere. How can we have a good attitude in the following situations?

A. Someone cuts in front of you in the lunch line at school.

B. Your parent tells you to clean your room before you can play.

C. A classmate gets a better grade on an assignment than you.

D. Your friend gets a gift for his birthday that you’ve been wanting.

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