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  • Word to Remember- COMMUNICATION

    Parents– read the passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week (TEAMWORK) that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. 

    COMMUNICATION- noun – transmitting information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood.

    Transmitting information sounds like something from TV or radio. Think about it, though- they transmit or communicate information and so do you, every time you walk in a room or speak to someone. 

    When you run to your parent after karate class because your instructor said you had the highest kicks, can your parent tell you’re happy and excited? Of course! You were smiling and using body language that said, “Something good just happened to me!” When your parents need to speak with you about something serious, do they turn off the TV and sit down with you and look you in the eye? That’s so they can be certain you are listening to them. Have your teachers every asked you to repeat something back in your own words? That’s so they know you understand what they said. These are all examples of communication. Did you know that working on your karate at home communicates to your instructor that you want to do well? Give it a try!

  • Words to Remember- BEING FLEXIBLE

    Parents– read the passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. It also applies to adults and older children as well, especially in time for spring fever!


    Just like most sports, martial arts requires flexibility. You can increase your flexibility by stretching your ligaments with exercise and use. Believe it or not, the martial artists you see in movies and tournaments didn’t start out doing high kicks and splits; they worked hard to get where they are today and you can do it, too, by listening to your instructors and doing what he or she says. 

    Martial arts doesn’t just stretch your ligaments– it also stretches your mind. Can you and a friend have different answers to a question and both be right? What if someone asks you both four your favorite color and yours is blue, while your friend’s is red? Are either of you wrong? Of course not because that’s what each of you like! You’re being flexible by letting your friend like red, while you prefer blue. Perhaps you and a sibling want to watch a different movie on family movie night. Can you think of a compromise so that you can both be happy? Maybe you can agree on a different movie. Remember this the next time you are in a disagreement over something that can have more than one right answer. Being flexible takes practice, just like karate, so get started today!

  • Action Karate’s Word to Remember for Kids

    Parents– read the following passage to your children and spend a few minutes this weekend discussing! This is a great reinforcement of the lessons of the week that your kids learn about here at Action Karate. 

    Attitude – noun– how we act and behave toward others.

    There are two types of attitude: good and bad. Having a good attitude means being polite and supportive to other people. We show good attitude when we congratulate our competitors on the mat. We show bad attitude when we get mad after losing a match. When we have good attitudes in class, we learn how to have good attitude everywhere. How can we have a good attitude in the following situations?

    A. Someone cuts in front of you in the lunch line at school.

    B. Your parent tells you to clean your room before you can play.

    C. A classmate gets a better grade on an assignment than you.

    D. Your friend gets a gift for his birthday that you’ve been wanting.

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  • Homeschooling and Karate

    Are you homeschooling and looking for a PE program? Always wanted to learn self-defense but have limited time?  No problem!

    Complement your child’s homeschooling with the benefits of Martial Arts training. Physical fitness, Balance & Coordination, Confidence, Honor, Improved listening skills, Discipline and Self-Esteem are just some of the benefits that come with your Action Karate training.

    Students build social skills and make new friendships in this safe and fun learning environment along with meeting physical fitness requirements. At Action Karate, we have ongoing activities for students to participate in and make new friends. Students can join us for Movie Nights, Tournaments, Workshops, Demos, and much more! With our flexible schedule and the largest variety of classes and class times available, we make it easy to fit the needs of any family.

    Let your child grow with Action Karate and we will make sure they excel!

    Call us today at (610) 746-3600 or email us at for more information!

  • Best birthday parties in town!

    Looking to do something really special for your child’s birthday?  Try an Action Karate Birthday Party!

    Our instructors, who specialize in child-education, offer a kid friendly atmosphere giving you a unique alternative to the arcades or skating rinks.  Action Karate isn’t just great for kids; we provide a carefree party where that gives the parents a chance to relax and enjoy the day with their child.

    Parties include:

    • karate class
    • games & activities
    • pizza
    • cake cutting ceremony (with Samurai sword)

    Extra available options:

    • board breaking
    • earning white belts
    • nunchuck class

    Parties are held on Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday.

    Contact us at 610-746-3600 or at for more details!

  • Setting Goals 101

    There are many aspects to setting a proper goal. This is a popular time of the year for people to set goals for themselves…things they want to accomplish in 2015. Unfortunately, 80% of people will have already failed their goals by Valentine’s Day.

    Here is a way to get a great start. It is a 3 step process.

    Step 1: Figure out your goal!!! If you are not familiar with SMART goals then that is a great place to start. Make sure that your goal is specific, something that you can measure if you succeed or not, a goal that is attainable, realistic (yet challenging) and lastly a goal that is time specific. You need to set a deadline for your goal; otherwise it is just a dream.

    Step 2: Who are your supporters? Rarely will you find a goal that can be achieved just by yourself. And even those goals that you can achieve by yourself are often easier to achieve with a support team. Look for people who see your potential. Stay away from people who are anchor, people that will pull you down when you need a lift up. Who are people that have achieved your goal in the past? Find those people and ask them for help/guidance.

    Step 3: This can take the most time but is THE MOST IMPORTANT step to take. This is one that people will often skip. What are the potential obstacles that stand in your way? Be realistic when coming up with these challenges and don’t leave any out. Once you lay out the obstacles figure out how to fix them BEFORE they happen. I often like to use if/then statements. If xxx happens then I will do yyy.

    Imagine you are driving to work. You have an idea of the roads you want to take. You probably take the same roads every day. However today a section of the road is closed because they are fixing it. If you are from PA then you know that road will be closed for weeks! You don’t just sit there and skip work…at least hopefully not. You figure out another road to take that will lead you to your goal. If you do not know where you are you can call someone, or simply punch it up on your GPS. When you get stuck with a goal, figure out a different path to get there. If you do not know how, ask someone who does!

    Take a couple minutes and work these 3 steps. You will transform into a goal achiever instead of just a goal setter.

  • New Adults FREE in January!!


    adults free in january

    Action Karate wants to help you keep true to that timeless New Year’s Resolution! Get active, learn self defense, and have fun while you are at it! New adults are free for the entire month of January. Contact us at Action Karate Nazareth, or 610-746-3600 for more information, or just come join us for the class you choose! Class times listed on flyer.


    Martial Arts Against BullyingAction Karate will be hosting a Craft & Vendor Fair to benefit local businesses as well as the charitable organization, Martial Arts Against Bullying. It will be held on November 30th, from 9am-3pm. If you are interested in being a vendor, please fill out the contract below and return by November 15, 2014. If not, please come by and support our local vendors!! We look forward to making this a successful annual event! Spread the word, the whole community is welcome!

    Vendor Contract


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